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Dental Implants

Here at SDS we offer dental implants as an option for replacing a missing single tooth or multiple teeth. All your treatment will be carried out by a hospital consultant within a private setting.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is surgically placed into your jaw bone. This is placed to replicate your natural tooth roots. (1)

Dental implants need 4-10 weeks to heal and fully integrate with your natural bone. The time period mentioned is a guide but can vary depending on individual cases.

Once healed, the dental implant will then act as a solid foundation to place fixed crowns, bridges or aid with removable dentures. (2)

Most implants are placed under a local anaesthetic, but can also be placed under sedation, intravenous of inhalation (gas and air), if you request.


What can I expect at my Initial Consultation?

During your initial consultation visit, our consultants would examine you and listen to your concerns as well as take any x-rays as required. They would then discuss the issues, treatment options available to your individual needs, and answer any questions you may have.

They will use visual aids to help discuss certain treatment options to ensure you are clear about their explanations. Once your consultation is completed we will then send you (or your dentist if you have been referred to SDS and copied to you) a detailed report, outlining everything that was discussed during the consultation.

You will also receive a treatment quotation itemising all costs involved. Here at SDS we prefer to quote our patients for ‘worse case scenario’ so that there are no hidden costs and surprises further down the line.

What outcome can I expect?

We have found that more and more patients are asking about implants as a solution for replacing their missing tooth/ teeth as an alternative to dentures and bridges. Whilst having a fully functioning tooth is extremely important, we have found that some patients are now emphasising increasingly towards the overall cosmetic look and demand that the implant teeth look “very natural”. This aspect is also important to us, and we have mastered the techniques necessary to achieve ideal results.


patient case
Reviews I'm over the moon with the results. With the extent of damage that I'd done, to leave with an even better smile than I had before my accident is simply incredible. I couldn't recommend them more highly Reviews

patients case


patients case

patient case
Reviews Very professional and very friendly. Shakeel rose to the challenge of my implant surgery when others had doubts whether it could be done. Excellent. Reviews

patients case


patients case

patient case
Reviews To review a dental practice with 'Loved It' seems sad but hand on heart Specialist Dental Services saved me. I've always feared dentists which is probably why my front tooth fell out. I visited two emergency practices before finding SDS on google. I read the reviews and decided to make an appointment. My first appointment with Dr Shakeel Shandad immediately put me at ease. He talked through my fears before examining me and had great patience. My treatment plan was to undergo a dental implant; before that could start I had to have several trips with the hygienist. After a year of appointments I can now smile with confidence; the finishing product is a lovely natural looking front tooth. The team are friendly and accommodating and I really believe that they've helped me get over my fear of dentists. If you need treatment, I highly recommend this place. Reviews

patients case


patients case

All our consultants pride themselves on ensuring that every patient leaves the practice not only with a functioning tooth, but also a tooth that appears so natural that your friends, family or even yourself will not be able to tell distinguish between you implant and the natural teeth. This is achieved by using a meticulous approach at every stage or your treatment, and encourage your feedback throughout the process.

Patients Feedback

After a very long time of discomfort, infections, pain and no resolve offered by my own dentist, I was recommended to make an appointment with Shakeel Shahdad and I was quite simply offered a life line for which I will be eternally grateful.

Shakeel and his team, Stacy & Zoe guided me through every moment. My treatment has been life changing for me and given me back my confidence & smile. I cannot recommend Dr Shahdad more highly

Sheena Tobitt

I needed an implant and was very nervous about having it done because I had heard of several horror stories regarding implants. I searched around London for a reliable professional and found it hard to decide on one but I chose SDS because they were very strongly recommended to me.

I was put at ease right from my first consultation and everything was explained to me – I needed bone grafting followed by an implant. The consultant explained, showing me the X-rays and Scans as to what the procedure will be. This gave me a lot of confidence in what he had to do and I must emphasise that I was able to relax throughout the course of my treatment because I knew that I was in the hands of a top class professional.

I am now able to smile without worrying and I am enjoying my food.

Pauline Butt

I was apprehensive about having implants but felt it was the only way forward having lost 3 heavily filled molars and broken 2 further teeth. I did not want either a bridge or false teeth.

I received excellent treatment in a very friendly atmosphere from the consultant and his team and am very pleased with the result, a combination of implants and on-lays, both from a functional and cosmetic point of view.

I still have ongoing check-ups with the hygienist and the consultant to make sure no problems have arisen.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SDS to anyone thinking about similar treatment


What Implant system do you use?

At SDS we use an implant system call ‘Straumann’. Straumann has a well-established, evidence based reputation spanning over the last 3 decades, and we strongly believe that we offer all our patients the best possible option when choosing an implant.

‘Straumann has Swiss quality with International research. Straumann is one of the global leaders in manufacturing of dental implants, which have been developed and produced in collaboration with leading hospitals, research institutes and universities. Over the past 30 years, Straumann implants have been sold more than four million times worldwide, with high success rates.

Straumann is an international group of companies with headquarters in Basel and distributes its products globally in more than 60 countries.

Straumann’s philosophy: Simply doing more. The company offers innovative solutions which allow dentists to provide their patients with solutions based on the latest research. Reliability and quality are company hallmarks:

Straumann solutions are thoroughly researched and scientifically proven – both now and in the future.’ – Straumann UK

For more information on Straumann Implants please see

Implant-borne single-tooth treatment

Implant-borne multi-tooth treatment

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