At SDS we have specialists in the field of head and neck oncology and specifically, oral cancer.

Any new lesion on the oral mucosa (mouth lining), usually as a red patch, white patch, lump or ulcer, which doesn’t heal up to 7-10 days, should be seen by a specialist.

Many such lesions are benign and not at all related to cancer. However, early detection is crucial when mouth cancer develops. This means curative treatment can be achieved, and is often far less involved as the lesion is small at presentation.

Examples of common oral lesions are detailed below:

We are able to offer a screening service and reassurance for all patients. This includes a biopsy service for any oral mucosa lesion. Our reassuring approach to your care will ensure once you have received your consultation, any follow-up appointment’s and investigations, will be carried out expeditiously at our mutual convenience.

Examples of some types of small mouth cancers are detailed below:

Our clinical experts in this field are widely published, and lead in the National Cancer Research Institute in the UK, in the field of head and neck cancer.

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